The Kydianta Association was founded in 1997 and had originally 125 members. Its name derives from the homonymous village, which was deserted during the civil war when its residents moved to nearby Lagada. The association aims at the revival and the preservation of the Kydianta customs and traditions.

On the north east side of Chios , at a distance of 16km from the city, one comes across Lagada. Its main inhabitants are seamen and cattle-breeders. According to the last census in 2000 the population of Lagada was 1910.

Up to 1998 Lagada and Agrelopos were a settlement of their own. In 1998, the Kapodistrias law forced both of these communities to join the Municipality of Omiroupolis (which also includes Vrontados and the villages Karyes, Sykiada, Augonima, Anavatos, Sidirounta).

"Kydianta" Assocciation - Lagada Chios 82100 - Tel: +30-22710-74916
This website informs of folklore and cultural events of the Cultural Society of Lagada “Kydianta” and are co-funded by the Cultural Society of Lagada “Kydianta” and European Union, Europian Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) Program “Rural Development (2000-2006) - Reinforcement of Local Events connected to the preservation of local cultural heritage of regions as well as local agricultural products”