On the north of the settlement of Kydianta, about 5 km, where someone arrives through a rural street, is the plateau of Koila-an area that is mentioned by Herodotus and where ruins of a medieval castle and low residences are preserved.

According to the tradition, when Delphini was destroyed by the Athenians, the inhabitants moved there, believing they would be protected because the distance from the coast was long.

However, in the 16 th century, Koila was destroyed by a raid of Algerian pirates and the inhabitants fled to different places.

A folk quatrain describes the situation while it appeals to Virgin Mary

«Ω Παναγιά μου Κοιλιανή πουσαι ψηλά στα όρη

Κι ήρθαν και σε πατήσανε της Μπαρμπαριάς οι μαύροι

Πως δεν τους εκοντάρεψες να παν κονταρεμένοι

Μόνο τους άφησες να παν, χρυσάφι φορτωμένοι;».

That was probably the time that Kydianta was founded while part of the population moved to Lagada, Sykiada, Vrontado and Kardamila.

From Koila you will enjoy the peacefulness of the landscape and the beautiful view

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