Useful Info

Transportation to Oinoussae

If you are in Lagada you can visit Oinoussae. The sea-taxi ‘Anemos’ and ‘Panagia Spiliani’ will take you there in about 20 minutes. At the port of Chios boats travel to Oinoussae but the timetables from Lagada are more frequent and quicker, due to the distance but cargo or cars are not transferred.

Useful phone numbers

Municipality of Omiroupolis : 22710-93982 ( 07:00-14:30 )

Office of the local Council: 22710-74377 ( 07:30-14:00 )

Tourist Police: 22710-81539

Pharmacy in Lagada: 22710-74250

Lagada’s Community Clinic: 22710-74201

Hospital of Chios : 22710-44303

Rooms to let

There are lots of rooms to let

Eutuhia Klagia

Anna Kounoupa

Giannis Papas

They all have the EOT card.


There are many taverns and ouzeri in Lagada, along the sea-front where you can enjoy the view up to Oinoussae, while you taste Chios ’ ouzo and fresh fish. Some of the best taverns are in the island and you can count on the food.

Don’t forget to try the well-done octopus with its great smell and see the octopuses on crates hanging in front of all the restaurants.

The taverns that are open this time of the year are: ‘Pasas’, ‘Georgoulis, Batoulis and the ouzeri ‘Thodoris’, ‘Nostos’, ‘Tou Gerou’ where you can drink coffee too.

If you fancy pizza, there is a pizzeria in Lagada too. If you want to enjoy yourself late at night you can go to the cafe-bar ‘Nefeli’.


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This website informs of folklore and cultural events of the Cultural Society of Lagada “Kydianta” and are co-funded by the Cultural Society of Lagada “Kydianta” and European Union, Europian Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) Program “Rural Development (2000-2006) - Reinforcement of Local Events connected to the preservation of local cultural heritage of regions as well as local agricultural products”